How to activate Tazavesh Hard Mode in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

A harder dungeon means better rewards.

With its Chains of Domination patch, Blizzard Entertainment has introduced several new pieces of content in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands for players to dive into. One of these is the new megadungeon called Tazavesh, which lets players engage in heist-like escapades, fight some cool bosses, and grab some great loot. However, Tazavesh’s surprises don’t stop there. Players can also unlock a hard mode version of the dungeon to really put their skills to the test. If you want to know how to unlock hard mode, we have you covered below.

How to activate hard mode Tazavesh

Image via Blizzard

Activating hard mode in Tazavesh takes a bit of work. First, you need to acquire an item called the Passably-Forged Credentials. To do this, you need to complete several steps.

  • Beat Tazavesh’s first boss.
  • Head down the stairs to the right of the boss and you’ll find a hidden trader called the Questionable Trader.
  • Buy the Fraudulent Credentials from the trader.
  • Head to Au’Myza’s Oasis and do the event there. First, you need to talk to Xy’darid and purchase whatever item he’s selling. Then, one person in your group needs to deliver that item to its respective Broker while everyone else keeps them from getting killed. Do this three times and you’ll be able to enter the Oasis.
  • Once inside, talk to Au’manal and trade your Fraudulent Credentials for Passably-Forged Credentials.

When all of that is finished, you’ll get a new quest called Tazavesh: A Hard Bargain. Go into the instance with a fresh version of the dungeon and don’t talk to the customs officer. If you do, the NPC that you need to activate hard mode will be gone. Instead, you need to look for Fe’tajid at the start of the instance. Use your Passably-Forged Credentials to turn into a Broker and talk to Fe’tajid to activate hard mode.