How to add a friend in Among Us

You can also add people you’ve played with in prior matches.

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With so much interactivity, it’s surprising that a friends list wasn’t a thing until March 31. Now, you can add whoever you’d like to your list or even join a game quickly. Here’s how to do it.

Making your friend code

No matter the system you use to play Among Us, a screen will pop up, asking you to create a friend code. Unfortunately, you can’t type in a name; it has to be randomized. Pick one that works for you. It may take a while as it will come up with random terms like Necknet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve selected your friend code, a number will be attached to it. Go to the Account image on the top right of the main menu. It should have a red crewmate on it. From there, you’ll find a card with your friend code and username. The friend code is what we want to take notice of here. Press the eye on the top right of the card to reveal it. Type it out in a Word processing system like Google Drive for future reference and then share it with your friends on Discord or another communication program.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Adding friends

Screenshot by Gamepur

To add a friend, you’ll need to gain the friend code from them. Go to your Friends List on the left side of the main menu. A pop-up will appear on the right side. Select “Add a friend via code” and then type out what your pal offers you. After you place the friend code into the box, press or click on the green plus symbol on the right side.

While playing Among Us, you may want to add someone you think is cool. If you want to do that, go to the Friends List menu and click on the tab that has a crewmate next to a clock. You can then add people you’ve met in this section.

If you’re a fan of PlayStation, you may be happy to know that a Ratchet & Clank skin is on the way. No release date has been given, but it looks awesome. Meanwhile, Halo’s Master Chief will be a crewmate soon.