How to add a friend in Overwatch 2

It’s better with friends.

image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2 is simply better when you have people you can enjoy playing it with. Setting up a team to take on others in Quick Play, Competitive, or one of the Arcade modes is a ton of fun and will keep bringing you back for more. Your friend list needs to start somewhere, though, so here is how to add friends in Overwatch 2.

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How to add people to your friend list in Overwatch 2

There are a couple of ways to add someone to your friend list in Overwatch 2. First, if you are in a match with someone, you can bring up the Social menu and click on their name card to find an option to add them to your friend list. This can also be done after a game by going to Social and tabbing over to Recent Players.

If you want to add someone you know that you haven’t played a game with, you will need to know their complete tag. Go to the Social menu and click Add Friend. tags are designated by a name followed immediately by a hashtag and four numbers. For example, JohnSmith#3956 is the kind of tag someone could have.

If you are playing on console, you might also want to check your friend list before adding someone’s tag. If they have merged their account with a console account that you have on your friend list, they should already appear here.

Adding friends should be a quick and painless venture. They will not appear in your friend list until they accept your friend invite, so tell them to check their Social menu in Overwatch 2, or their account on the PC or mobile app.