How to add badges to MyTeam cards in NBA 2K21

Don’t forget about the badges.

In NBA 2K21’s MyTeam mode, you can equip your players with badges, which are essentially in-game boosts. Adding badges to your cards can help give your players that extra edge, but how do you add these items in MyTeam? Let’s go over the steps.

First off, log into your MyTeam and select Lineups Management. Select the lineup that is active, and then hit A on Xbox/X on PlayStation on the player you want to apply a badge to. Once you do this, you will see a list of badges that can be added to your player. On this screen, you will get a look at what badges are currently on your player, as well as those that are not. Badges that have a bronze, silver, gold, or purple image next to the name means that a badge is already on it. That color indicates the badge class that is currently equipped. Players can be given either a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Hall of Fame (purple color) badge, with the Hall of Fame badge being the best.

If a badge is highlighted in green, this means that you can upgrade this badge with a card in your collection.

Badges highlighted in green means an upgrade is available.

If you want to upgrade this highlighted badge, just select A/X and you will be able to do so. Keep in mind though that once you equip a badge to a player, you will not be able to take off that badge and use it on another player. If you want to equip a different player with that same badge, you will need to pick up a new badge. Badges can be found in packs or at the Auction House.