How to add friends in Brawlhalla

It doesn’t work like Fortnite.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The free-to-play platform fighter Brawlhalla makes it pretty tough to play with friends. You can have players from other consoles join you through an in-game number code, but currently, there is no way to add them to your dedicated list. However, it can be done with players on the same platform as you. Here are a few steps that will lead you on your way to battling your mates.

Start a lobby and invite friends

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, there is no way to add friends from other systems directly from the menu. Start a new Custom Game Room, Create Room, and make it private. Then, find the numbered code on the top; we’ve highlighted it in red in the screenshot above. It should say something similar to “Room US-W #125497,” but with your region instead. Take that number and send it to your friends through a direct message on Discord or your preferred messaging platform. They should then go on Custom Game Room and select Join Room. It will then ask them for a code that you kindly just provided.

How to add your friend if they’re on the same system as you

On the left side of your screen, you’ll see the player list. Scroll down to your friend’s profile and select view profile. It will show the Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox account of the player, depending on the console you’re on. Add them, and you’re on your way. You can also get to the profile on the results screen. This is handy in case you want to spar with a random player on casual and ranked modes. If you are on different consoles, this, unfortunately, won’t pop up.

But what if you are on different consoles?

Unfortunately, Brawlhalla takes in its player list from the console you are playing on as the game doesn’t have its own friend system in place. It’s not like Fortnite, which has an Epic account attached to it and allows you to add any friend from any console to a dedicated list. However, you can still invite your friends through the lobby system to play wherever they battle, as cross-play is enabled across all of Brawlhalla’s available platforms.