How to add gem sockets to weapons and armor in New World

Enhance your gear with gem sockets.

Image by Amazon Games

Gem sockets are an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of any weapon, armor, or tool you’re crafting in New World. The gems you find in many of the ore deposits in the world have a variety of uses, both in combat, preparing, and merely having a better chance of looting items from chests and enemies. You won’t always have a finished product with a gem socket, though. This guide breaks down how to add a gem socket to a weapon, armor, or tool in New World when crafting.

When you’re at a crafting station, the chance for a weapon to possess a gem socket is entirely random. However, you can increase this chance by leveling up your given crafting skill. The higher your crafting skill at the respective station, the greater chance you have of a gem socket being included in the final product, similar to a perk also appearing.

Alternatively, an excellent way to ensure your weapons also have a gem socket when you’re done crafting is to obtain a Gem Setting Pin. You can purchase these from your Faction Recruiter for gold and reputation to then take them over to your chosen crafting station to work on your next item. It costs 300 faction reputation and 100 gold. Of course, you also need to be rank three with that faction, so you can regularly expect to do this when you reach level 40.

Many items of the rare variety typically have an empty gem socket on them. Therefore, you can expect to use gem sockets far more often when you reach level 40 with the Gem Setting Pin item.