How to add or remove credit card and billing information from PS5

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Image via PlayStation

When you want to pay for something on the PlayStation Network on your PlayStation 5, you need to provide a useable form of payment information. This will be a credit or debit card in your name. You need to add this information to your PlayStation account before you can buy anything. However, after you’re finished, you can always remove that information from your account if you don’t feel comfortable leaving it there.

How to add credit card and billing information to PS5

When you want first to add your payment information to your account, you need to go to the settings option. From there, choose the “users and accounts” information, select “account,” and then go to the “payment and subscriptions” to show everything tied to that account. From there, you need to select payment methods, and you’ll be able to choose what type of payment you want to add to the current account. You’ll have to type in all of the information the notifications ask from you and then confirm it.

All you have to do is follow the directions and provide all of the information tied to your card and hit accept. The information will stick to the account, if viable, and you can freely use it on the PlayStation network.

How to remove credit card and billing information from PS5

Removing the credit card and billing information is similar to adding it. You need to jump back to the settings, go to the “users and accounts” tab, then select the account, and under that, find the “payment and subscriptions” section, and then click the “payment methods” option. You’ll see all of the available payment methods tied to the account, and you can pick and choose which of the preexisting cards you want to eliminate.

After you remove that card from your account you will be unable to use it until you choose to add it to your payment methods once again.