How to adjust Roles Settings in Among Us

Adjust these extra powers in your game.

Image via Innersloth YouTube

Among Us has expanded its gameplay to include some brand new roles for both the Impostors and Crewmates. On the Crewmate side, players have a chance to be a Scientist, Engineer, or Guardian Angel. As for Impostors, they can randomly be given the Shapeshifter role and temporarily turn themselves into other players. If you want to adjust these Roles Settings before your game starts, here is how to do it.

As you might expect, only the host of the lobby can adjust the settings for Roles. All they need to do is walk up to the laptop that is in the pregame lobby and interact with it. Now you can customize all settings for the upcoming game. At the top of the screen, click on the grey Impostor surrounded in red to access Roles Settings.

On this page, you will see all four roles laid out for you, with two adjustable settings to the right. The first section is how many people maximum can be given that role in a game. The second is the percentage chance of someone being given that role. While you can increase these numbers to above the number of people in your lobby, only one role can be given to each person.

At the far right of those settings are the Advanced Settings for each role. Here is a breakdown of each role’s advanced settings.

  • For the Scientist, you can choose how long they have to wait to pull their vitals panel and how long they can look at it.
  • The Engineer’s settings decide how long until they can use a vent again and how long they can stay in one before they are kicked out into whatever room they are currently in.
  • Guardian Angel’s settings will decide how long between protections they can use their ability and how long that protection lasts for. There is an additional toggle here to determine if Impostors can see if a Crewmate is protected or not.
  • Finally, the Shapeshifter section determines how long the Impostor can be transformed, how long until they can use it again when it expires, and a toggle to decide if evidence is left behind where they turned to show that they Shapeshifted there.