How to adopt a creature in No Man’s Sky

Bring a friend with you around the galaxy.

Image via Hello Games

The worlds you explore in No Man’s Sky are teeming with life, and now you can take some of those creatures with you on your adventures as a companion. You can adopt any creature you encounter in No Man’s Sky, summon them to your position, give them commands, and even ride them. When you adopt a creature, they become bonded with you, and if you increase that bond enough, you can even have them lay an egg.

For those looking to adopt the first creature you see when you depart your starship, you want to make sure you have some creature pellets stored in your inventory. You can make these by having access to 20 carbon, or you can scan a creature and make a specific type of pellet they prefer if you have a nutrient processor. The nutrient processor takes five carbon to make some. Once you have the pellets, you have to feed the creature to gain their trust, and eventually, you should tame it. However, this is not adopting the creature.

With the creature tamed, you can then interact with the creature as if you were to milk it, and you can choose to adopt it. You can only adopt up to six pets, and you need to unlock four of those slots by spending 500 Nanites for each slot. You can summon those pets to your location all over the galaxy.