How to All Chat and Team Chat in Valorant

Make yourself heard.

Valorant PBE Public Test

Image by Riot Games.

Valorant is a tactically demanding shooter game where information sharing and decision-making are key. As such, you will want to be able to talk to your teammates, even if you don’t have a mic. You also want to be able to chat some smack to the other team, because that’s just how things go.

Luckily, Team Chat and All Chat exist to allow you to do both of those things, and communication is quite easy even if you don’t have a working mic.

You can find the different key commands you will need to speak with people in your matches below:

  • Team Chat – Hit “Enter”, type your message, hit Enter to send it to your team only.
  • All Chat – Hit Shift + Enter, type the message, hit Enter again to send it to both teams. You can also just type /all at the start of a message after hitting Enter.
  • Whisper to one player – Ctrl + Enter and type the player’s name. Hit Tab to confirm the recipient, then type the message and hit Enter.

The most common use of all chat will be a quick “GG” at the end of a match to let the opponents know you had a good time and are not a sore loser or winner. You will need to be quick, however, as the ability to All Chat is already gone by the time you get to the scoreboard.

Also, keep in mind that people will get banned for taking the smack talk a bit too serious, or engaging in the various types of phobias that can be prevalent in some internet communities, so make sure you are not being a jerk.