How to awaken characters in Tower of Fantasy

Get to know your weapons better.

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As you collect Simulacra weapons in Tower of Fantasy, you will start seeing them more as characters in their own right, and not just as tools to defeat your enemies with. They have their own personalities, and it seems that they are partial to gifts, in particular. These gifts aren’t used just to cozy up to your Simulacra, they can be used to Awaken them, which is how the “relationship” mechanic in Tower of Fantasy works. By Awakening your Simulacra, you will be granted certain perks, snippets of their background stories, and more. If you’re still wondering how to go about Awakening your weapons, then this guide is meant to help you out.

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How does Awakening work in Tower of Fantasy?

You can check the Awakening status of each of the Simulacra that you have collected by going to their profiles and checking the Awaken tab. Each one of them is different, and as such, each will provide different rewards, but also require different gifts for their Awakening. As you would expect, each Simulacra starts with the Awakening Progress of 0 and you have to build it up from there.

In Tower of Fantasy’s closest inspiration, Genshin Impact, building up relationships with characters happens incidentally by playing with them. In Tower of Fantasy, however, you need to do a bit more than that. To Awaken your Simulacra, you will have to find out which gifts they prefer and set out into the world to find them. Luckily, we also have a handy guide to help you with all the appropriate gifts as well. 

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Each gifting awards you a certain number of Awakening Progress, and you will earn rewards at specific milestones. The breakpoints are as follows:

  • 200 AP — You get an Avatar image for your profile.
  • 600 AP — You get a lore log for that character.
  • 1,200 AP — You unlock one of their unique traits.
  • 2,000 AP — You get a lore log for that character.
  • 3,000 AP — You get a lore log for that character.
  • 4,000 AP — You unlock one of their unique traits.

You can check all of your reward statuses in each Simulacra’s Awaken tab, where you can also check what their unique traits provide. In most cases, the unique traits are simply upgrades on each other, but there are some fun combos there to discover.