The best gifts for each simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy

Gifts that keep on giving.

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While playing and exploring in Tower of Fantasy you will be collecting different Simulacra, which themselves serve a dual purpose. Primarily, they represent weapons of different rarities and powers that you will use to strengthen your character. However, they also represent characters that you can use as skins, but more importantly — they also have personalities of their own. You can appease these Simulacra by a process called Awakening, which represents the incrementally growing familiarity between them and the player character. To Awaken each Simulacrum, you have to present them with gifts, and not all of them want the same things. We have prepared this handy guide to help you through the process of getting close to your weapons’ avatars.

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The science of gifting in Tower of Fantasy

To find out what gifts would best fit which Simulacrum, you have to look no further than their tag comparisons. These tags serve as descriptors of the types of gifts that they like. This means that it’s best practice to give gifts that have tags that match the tags on the Simulacrum you’re offering them to. And just like Simulacra themselves, gifts also come in different rarities:

  • SSR Gifts are considered Special Gifts and award 40 Awakening points.
  • SR Gifts are considered Fine Gifts and award 20 Awakening points.
  • N Gifts are considered Small Gifts and award 10 Awakening points.

However, to add to this equation, if the tag on the gift matches Simulacrum’s preferred tag, then they provide extra Awakening points. Once again, this varies based on the gift’s rarity:

  • Every matching tag on a Special Gift is 20 extra Awakening points.
  • Every matching tag on a Fine Gift is 10 extra Awakening points.
  • Every matching tag on a Small Gift is 5 extra Awakening points.
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The list of absolute best gifts for every Simulacrum

These gifts are the absolute best for their listed Simulacra, each providing them with whopping 80 Awakening points.

GiftSSR SimulacrumSR Simulacrum
Aida ComicCrow, Hilda, TsubasaEcho
Angela OrnamentHuma, NemesisPepper
Crown TokenKing
Limited Tata FigurineCrow, TsubasaHilda
New Game ConsoleZeroEcho
Silver CookwareShiro
Snow GlobeCocoritterBai Ling
Void Angel FigurineTsubasa
Warren FossilKing, Meryl, ShiroBai Ling

The list of best Special Gifts for each Simulacrum

The following gifts are your next best options for each Simulacrum, with every one of these gifts providing 60 Awakening points to their recipient.

GiftSSR SimulacrumSR Simulacrum
3D Hykros PuzzleCocoritter, Huma, King, Meryl, Samir, Shiro, Tsubasa, ZeroBai Ling, Echo, Ene
Aida ComicHuma, King, Nemesis, Tsubasa, ZeroHilda, Pepper
Angela OrnamentCocoritter, CrowBai Ling, Echo, Ene
Banges SpecialtyCocoritter, Nemesis, Shiro, SamirEne, Hilda
Crown TokenCrow, Meryl, Shiro, Tsubasa, ZeroBai Ling, Echo, Hilda, Pepper
Limited Peanut FigurineCocoritter, Crow, Huma, King, Nemesis, Tsubasa, ZeroBai Ling, Echo, Ene, Hilda, Pepper
Limited Tata FigurineKingEcho
Metal Alf FigurineCrow, Shiro, TsubasaHilda
Music BoxHuma, Samir, Shiro, ZeroEcho, Ene
New Game ConsoleHuma, Crow, King, Samir, TsubasaEne, Hilda
Silver CookwareKing, MerylBai Ling, Pepper
Smarty DollCocoritter, King, Meryl, Nemesis, Samir, ShiroBai Ling, Ene, Hilda, Pepper
Snow GlobeHuma, King, Meryl, Nemesis, Shiro, TsubasaEne, Pepper
Void Angel FigurineCocoritter, Crow, King, Meryl, ShiroBai Ling, Hilda
Warren FossilCocoritter, TsubasaPepper

The list of best Fine Gifts for each Simulacrum

These gifts represent the economic options with lower rarities. As such, they each provide 30 Awakening points for their paired Simulacra.

GiftSSR SimulacrumSR Simulacrum
Cat Throw PillowCocoritter, Nemesis, SamirEne, Hilda
Chess SetHuma, Samir, ZeroEcho, Ene
Coloring BookHuma, Samir, ZeroEcho, Ene
Crazy Dumont FigurineCrow, TsubasaHilda
Gem NecklaceKing, Meryl, ShiroBai Ling, Pepper
Meteorite in a BottleCocoritter, King, Meryl, Shiro, TsubasaBai Ling
Moonrabbit KitCocoritter, Nemesis, SamirEne, Hilda
New Kalka OrnamentCocoritter, Huma, NemesisBai Ling, Ene, Pepper
Perfume BottleCrow, Huma, NemesisEcho, Pepper
Plush ToyCocoritter, Nemesis, SamirEne, Hilda
Spirit Princess FigurineCrow, TsubasaHilda
Tailor-made SuitCrow, Huma, NemesisEcho, Pepper
Tartarus OrnamentCocoritter, Huma, NemesisEne, Pepper
Tool SetShiro
Vitamin PackCrow, HumaEcho, Pepper

The list of best Small Gifts for each Simulacrum

These are the Small Gifts you will be running into most often. Given to their favorite Simulacra, they will provide them with 15 Awakening points.

GiftSSR SimulacrumSR Simulacrum
Custom Poker DeckHuma, Samir, ZeroEcho, Ene
Flower BouquetCrow, Huma, NemesisEcho, Pepper
Mini Plotted PlantCocoritter, Huma, NemesisEne, Pepper
Nice Picture FrameCocoritter, Huma, NemesisBai Ling, Ene, Pepper
Paper PinwheelCocoritter, Nemesis, SamirEne, Hilda
Postcard of AidaCocoritter, King, Meryl, Shiro, TsubasaBai Ling
Retro HarmonicaCrow, King, Meryl, ZeroEcho, Hilda
Snack BoxCrow, King, Tsubasa, ZeroEcho, Hilda
Wool ScarfCrow, Huma, NemesisEcho, Pepper