How to beat Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise – All attacks, weaknesses, tactics, and drops

Barroth is a dirty fight.

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Barroth will be one of the larger challenges you have to tackle in Monster Hunter Rise. It unlocks when you reach three-star hunter quests, and you gain access to the Sandy Plains region. Barroth is a dragon, capable of tossing large piles of mud, and releasing steam from the top of its head. You can break off certain parts of this monster to earn special resources.

When battling Barroth, you can typically find it in the Sandy Plains roaming in regions 2, 7, or 9. When it’s roaming in region 2, it can travel to regions 1, 4, and 9. When in regions 7, it can travel through regions 2, 6, 8, and 9. It has been seen going underground to reach region 11 from region 8.

All Barroth attacks

  • Charge Attack – The Barroth releases a loud, train-like steam cloud from its head and charges straight at you
  • Mud Wave – When standing in front of the Barroth, it might lean back on and spray three shots of mud at you
  • Mud Earthquake – The Barroth will begin to shake back and forth, just like a dog, and spray mud out all around it. You can stand near the Barroth as the mud piles build up around it in a circle
  • Side bash – The Barroth will move to one side and attempt to shoulder check you and knock you down. Mud will fire out of its side when performing this attack
  • Tail bash – The Barroth will move its tail back and forth, attempting to slam down on you when attacking it from behind

All Barroth weaknesses

When battling a Barroth, you primarily want to aim for the creature’s torso, forelegs, or its tail. Of the three sections, the forelegs are the weakest part of the monster, followed by the tail and then the torso. A weapon that primarily does blunt damage will be the best one, followed by sever.

If you’re using elemental damage against Barroth, you primarily want to use fire or ice. It does not take water or electric elemental damage.

Tactics to beat Barroth

Barroth typically starts a fight by releasing a heavy roar, causing your character to freeze in place. This only lasts a few seconds, and then it will charge you or throw mud on you using its muddy attacks. You want to try to get to underneath Barroth whenever possible to avoid these attacks and focus on its weaker body parts.

For those who use a heavy blunt weapon, you want to aim at Barroth’s head and forelegs to try and break those parts off, weakening it. If you’re using a sever weapon, you can cut off Barroth’s tail preventing it from flinging it around when you strike at it from behind.

Whenever Barroth runs off to another part of the map that has water, it’ll roll around in the mud. It’s attempting to regain its muddy allure, and it will use this against you in combat, slowing you down and increasing the amount of stamina you use throughout the fight. You can clean yourself of the mud by using a cleanser or a Nulberry.


  • Barroth Claw – You can acquire these by breaking parts off of a Barroth during battle
  • Barroth Ridge – These have the best chance of dropping when carving a Barroth or as a target reward
  • Barroth Scalp – These have the best chance to drop when carving a Barroth
  • Barroth Shell – These can be acquired by breaking monster parts off of a Barroth
  • Barroth Tail – You can acquire this by carving a Barroth, or by breaking it off during battle
  • Fertile Mud – This can drop while battling Barroth as a dropped material
  • Monster Bone M – You can earn this as a target reward for hunting Barroth
  • Wyvern Tear – There’s a chance these be a dropped material when battling a Barroth