How to beat Bassus in Halo Infinite

Why don’t I get a Gravity Hammer?

Screenshot by Gamepur

After fighting your way through the mission Excavation Site and destroying some cooling pylons for a mining laser in Halo Infinite, you will come face to face with a new boss named Bassus. He is the only thing standing in your way of destroying the mining laser and moving on with the story. Here is how to beat him.

Off the bat, you do not want to get too close to Bassus at any point in this fight. He has a Gravity Hammer, so you should always look to create distance between you and him. If you have a plasma weapon, shoot him with it to take his shields down. They take a long time to come back, so just make sure you put a shot or two into him every now and then to keep them from recharging.

Behind you, from where you start the battle, is a room with a few Fusion Coils on the ground. While he is slowly walking his way over to you, pick them up (or grappleshot them to you) and throw them at him to take a chunk of his health away. They might also momentarily stun him, so take this chance to get away from him if he is close.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Where you picked up those Fusion Coils will be a bigger one that can only be shot. Lead Bassus over to it and shoot it when he’s close to take more health away. There is an additional big Fusion Coil in the room you start the fight in to the left of the control panel. To the right is a plasma weapon ammo refill and some weapons. He should have pretty low health after exploding all those Fusion Coils on him. Chip away at what is left, and you will complete the mission.