How to beat Caregiver Maximillian in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Take care and use these strategies to knock Maximillian down a peg.

Image via Blizzard

Maldraxxus is full of plenty of world quests while you’re tackling the rep grind in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We heard you like pet battles, so we put together this strategy to take on Caregiver Maximillian when he appears. Don’t let his robe and hat fool you — you can do this.

Maximillian brings a healthy amount of RNG and critical hit chances with him, so don’t worry if you need to attempt this lineup a few times. To win this fight, bring Anubisath Idol, Iron Starlette, and Nexus Whelpling to the battle. Begin with Anubisath against Bloog, leading off with Sandstorm to change the weather of the fight in your favor. Follow this with a Crush attack, and then use Deflection to avoid whatever Bloog sends your way. Use Crush three times before you choose Sandstorm again to give you the same weather buff. Do another round of Crush and Deflect; by now, you should both be pretty low on HP. Keep spamming Crush until Bloog goes down, and keep at it until the Bone Crusher knocks out your Anubisath Idol.

Now, it’s time for Iron Starlette to shine (that was not meant to be a pun, but we’ll go with it). Start off with Wind-Up to charge your attack, followed by Supercharge to truly increase your power. Unleash this attack by selecting Wind-Up again, and you should KO Bone Crusher thanks to the damage from your previous pet.

When Chipper comes in, choose whichever attack you want. Chipper will banish Iron Starlette, allowing you to put Nexus Whelpling to work. Do some more weather manipulation with Arcane Storm, and follow that with Mana Surge. The weather effect combined with the Surge attack should be enough to take down the last of Maximillian’s team, and you will be declared the victor.