How to beat Estuary Lamech in Rogue Legacy 2

Fell the first foe.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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Rogue Legacy 2 is full of enemies for players to face down as they make their way through the castle. The toughest of these enemies are undoubtedly the bosses that reign over each of the game’s biomes. The first boss you’ll come across is Estuary Lamech in the Citadel Agartha after you solve a puzzle at his boss door. He can be a tough test for new players, so we’ll break down his moveset and give you a few tips for dealing with him.

Estuary Lamech’s moveset

Lamech has several moves at his disposal. Many of these can be dodged or jumped over to give you an attack opening. However, don’t hit him too many times in a row or you’ll risk taking damage yourself. Here are all of his moves and what they do:

  • Dash attack with his spear – Lamech quickly launches himself toward with a spear attack. Easily jumped over, giving you a window of opportunity.
  • Spiral fireballs – Raises his staff and shoots out several fireballs in a spiral around him. These are easily dodged, though be warned that he’ll shoot more of them after you bring him down to half health.
  • Double sword slash – Does two slashes with his sword. Note that he can switch direction after the first slash, so just jumping over him isn’t enough. After his second swing, he also shoots out two (three after he enrages at half health) flumes of fire that can easily damage you.
  • Spectral Knives – Lamech throws out three sets of three daggers. Try to jump over the first one, which should set you up with a chance to jump over the third and deal some damage.
  • Jumping attack – For this, Lamech jumps into the air and spin attacks. This is easy enough to dodge, but on landing, he shoots you several magma balls into the air. Carefully work around these to attack him.
  • Gravity Beam – Fires out a beam of light in one direction. Obviously, if you jump over him, you’ll have a few free seconds to attack.
  • As mentioned above, at half health he enrages. When this happens, he’ll bomb the area around him and send out several homing fireballs. Make sure to run away to keep your health up.

Strategy for beating Lamech

The first thing you should look to do is uncover the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers Insight. This gives you an extra +15% damage boost against Lamech. Outside of that, this fight is really about patience. Learn his patterns and find your windows. For example, the Gravity Beam and Spectral Knives attacks are easy to dodge and leave Lamech vulnerable. On the other hand, his double sword slash is very punishing and doesn’t give you much of a window.

We recommend punishing the Gravity Beam and Spectral Knives, along with his spear attack. All of these are easy to dodge by jumping over them and you’ll have several seconds to attack. You can also deal good damage after he shoots our fireballs or does his jumping attack, but these have to be approached more carefully. As long as you play patiently and don’t get greedy, Lamech will go down in no time.