How to beat Falke, the final boss in Signalis

Bring an end to the madness & go home.

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Falke is the final boss of Signalis, and they are a tough enemy to defeat. If you over-prepare, the boss can be nearly impossible as there is a trick to defeating them. You will also want to use your best weapons because there’s nothing else after Falke. The boss battle will be long, and it will push your combat skills to the limit.

You should not underestimate the difficulty of the battle, since it is significantly harder than the previous boss battles. Other enemies will appear to disrupt you, and Falke will change their moveset to hit you with more powerful attacks.

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Preparing to defeat Falke

There will be a save room right before you fight Falke, and it will be obvious that you have one more fight. You should read the notes in the room, as one of them will discuss the key to winning this battle. It is highlighted in red to make sure that you don’t miss it.

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You are told to “leave some space in your school bag.” You have six inventory spaces, and you need to leave one slot open. If you don’t have one open slot when you start the fight, you will find it extremely difficult to take down Falke.

This means bringing only five items into battle. Bring items such as Repair Sprays, one or two firearms, and their respective ammo types. The Handgun and SMG are useful here, but the Revolver and Rifle can work as well. Make sure you have plenty of ammunition if you are bringing the gun along since this will be a long battle. Around 40-50 rounds would be recommended. The Handgun can have less since there will be more supplies.

The best strategy to defeat Falke

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Falke will start off by throwing spears at you. This will sometimes include having spears appear on the ground, though you can see an image of them before they materialize. You need to pick up a spear as if it was an item, which will go into your inventory. You only need one; picking up multiple spears doesn’t help you.

Dodge Falke’s spears and then fire at them, getting in two or three shots before you move. When Falke takes enough damage, they will kneel on the ground and remain stationary. That is your chance to go up to them and use the Fire button (ie. the R2 button) to “use” the spear on Falke. You don’t need to aim, but you do need to get close to use it. If you don’t take the chance, Falke will get back up and you have to repeat the process.

If your spear usage was successful, the environment will change and your screen will start to get static. This is normal and is Falke’s way of tripping you up. Falke will also summon enemies to distract you while it continues its assault. This will happen throughout the battle, and each spear used on Falke “teleports” you to a new environment.

Falke’s attacks can sometimes take care of the enemies for you, but you shouldn’t rely on that. Take down the enemies and resume shooting at Falke. Repeat the shoot-and-spear strategy twice for Falke to start using barriers. These barriers cannot be destroyed, and they rotate around Falke. You need to aim between the gaps as the barriers rotate and damage Falke with the same strategy.

Instead of throwing spears, Falke will now use orb attacks, though they will still summon spears for you to pick up. These orbs can be large and will require running to safely dodge them. You might only get one shot on Falke while you are dodging, but it is better than nothing. Keep your distance, dodge attacks, and fire to weaken the boss. Stay mobile to avoid getting hurt, especially when your screen gets blurry from the static.

There will be supplies lying around some environments that you can use to resupply. Keep your health up if you get hurt and continue to fire at Falke. After using approximately six spears on Falke, a scene will play and the battle will end.