How to beat Faryl in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

You won’t need a can of Raid to put away this collection of bugs.

Image via Blizzard

While you’re checking off your world quest pet battle achievements in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you’ll come across Faryl in the heart of Ardenweald. This royal-looking centaur has a collection of bugs that you can combat with some of your best pets in your arsenal.

Faryl’s pets contain some of the highest RNG in all of Shadowlands, so don’t be surprised if this battle takes a few attempts. Assemble the following team: Emerald Proto-Whelp, Nether Faerie Dragon, and Nexus Whelping. Begin your gith by casting Emerald Presence, and keep spamming Emerald Bite until the Star Tail is defeated. If your Proto-Whelp falls asleep at any point, use Emerald Presence again, immediately followed by Emerald Dream.

With Star Tail out of the way, Needlenose will be next in line. Pass all of your turns until your Proto-Whelp is knocked out. Your Nether Faerie Dragon should carry you through the rest of the battle, but your Nexus Whelping is with us just in case. Start your second pet with Moonfire, which will give you a health and magic attack boost for nine turns. Use Arcane Blast until you take care of Needlenose, which will bring out Brite. On your first turn, use Life Exchange to steal a bunch of Brite’s health for your own, and then go back to Arcane Blast to put Faryl down for good.