How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

An amazingly cinematic dragon fight.

Image via Bandai Namco

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There have been plenty of dragon fights in Soulsbourne games over the years. Kalameet, the Ancient Dragon, and Darkeater Midir are just a few of the fights that fans remember. Elden Ring brings in a new dragon fight that you will remember; Flying Dragon Agheel. Here is how you beat Agheel.

Flying Dragon Agheel’s location

Flying Dragon Agheel may not be the most obvious boss to find. The area he is located in isn’t necessarily the most obvious boss arena. Head to the southern portion of the large lake known as Lake Agheel in Limgrave. In this area, you will find some ruins named the Dragon-Burnt Ruins. After finding this area, Flying Dragon Agheel will appear, and you can either fight or run away.

Flying Dragon Agheel’s attacks

Agheel has quite a few attacks that he can use to deal pretty significant damage. The main attacks you will need to watch out for are the bite, wing slam, leg stomp, and tail swipe. These attacks are self-explanatory and deal significant damage if you are caught in them. The last physical attack that Agheel has in his arsenal is a body slam. This attack requires Asheel to fly into the air. He will then slam back into the ground.

Some of the more powerful attacks Agheel has access to are fire breath attacks. There are three different fire attacks that Agheel can perform during the fight. The first is obvious and comes when Agheel flies into the air. During this time, he will unleash a wave of fire on the ground. The next is a standard fire breath attack that Agheel will perform while on the ground. Lastly, Agheel can perform a recoiling flame attack where he breathes fire as he jumps back into the air.

How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel

You have two major advantages during this fight; your Spectral Steed and summons. You can summon spirits to help draw aggro away from you. This is great during the first portion of the fight for dealing a high amount of damage quickly. Be sure to use a summon with high health if you have it, so it stays alive longer.

Your Spectral Steed is great for avoiding damage during the fight. If you are a ranged character, try to keep your distance and remember that Agheel only has two attacks that will draw him in closer to you; his gliding fire breath and body slam. These attacks are easy to see coming and easy to avoid when on horseback.

If you are a melee character, use your steed to run in and attack Agheel’s hind legs. After Agheel attacks, you will have a few seconds to run in and get a couple of hits in before he can attack again. Run in, attack, run out, and repeat. This strategy might take some getting used to, but it will help you avoid damage. After you hit Agheel’s hind legs enough, he will get staggered, and you can go in for a riposte on his head to deal a lot of damage.