How to beat Herald Melchizedek in Soul Hackers 2

Conquer Milady’s inner demons.

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Soul Hackers 2 provides you with the ability to enter each party member’s psyche, represented as an explorable dungeon. Within these optional Soul Matrix dungeons, you’ll undoubtedly fight some powerful enemies. Herald Melchizedek is the first boss you encounter in Milady’s Soul Matrix. Our guide details how to finish the fight without breaking a sweat.

Fighting Herald Melchizedek

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To begin with, you’ll want to make sure you have demons with either the Sukukaja or Sukunda skills. If you can cover both bases, the rest of the fight should take very little effort.

Make sure you cast Sukukaja and Sukunda within the first turn so that you avoid any potential pitfalls. Sukukaja increases all allie’s aim and dodge rates for three turns, whereas Sukunda decreases the same stats on enemies for an equal amount of turns. With both active at once, the boss should miss most attacks. This is useful for two reasons — Herald’s damage dealing capabilities and its counter. Herald can deal large amounts of damage when a skill connects. This boss also has a chance of countering after being damaged by a standard attack.

Now that you have the prep work done, it’s time to go on the offensive. Herald Melchizedek is weak to electricity and gunfire damage. Because both Arrow and Saizo use guns, it doesn’t really matter which demons you pair them with. As for Ringo and Milady, make sure they’re using demons that have access to any single or multi-targeting electricity skills. Placing an electricity augment into their mystique slots prior to battle does help, but it’s not necessary.

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Once you deal about 10-15% of damage to Herald Melchizedek’s health bar, it calls in a Divine Angel. This reinforcement automatically casts Sukukaja on itself and Herald, which is why having access to both Sukunda and Sukukaja comes in handy.

Focusing on the Divine Angel is a waste of time because Herald immediately calls in another one. All your attacks and skills should be directed at Herald Melchizedek unless using a multi-targeting skill like Mazio. As long as you keep topped up with the Sukukaja buff and Sukunda debuff, Heral Mechizedek will go down after only a few turns. The amount of stacks you build up by exclusively its weaknesses leads to devastating Sabbath Attacks each turn. After defeating Herald Melchizedek, it becomes a fusable demon.