How to beat Hyperius and Tovarus in Halo Infinite

The two headed attack won’t work on you.

In Halo Infinite, humanity has been all but wiped out around Zeta Halo, with Master Chief and a couple of friends being the only remaining hope for preventing the Banished from activating the ring and wiping out the rest of humanity. As you make your way through the campaign, you will find the deceased bodies of fallen Spartans and gain their equipment. In the mission Pelican Down, you will have a chance to avenge them by taking on their killers, Hyperius and Tovarus. Here is how to kill them.

In Pelican Down, you will have the main objective to take down three anti-aircraft cannons. Upon taking down the third, you will run into both Hyperius and Tovarus on your way back to the Pelican.

Before you run too far forward, you should run into Hyperius on a Banished Chopper. The best way to take care of him quickly is to use your Grappleshot on the Chopper and hijack it away from him. Then use the Chopper to kill him and any surrounding enemies before moving forward and running into Tovarus. He has a Ravager, so just avoid his arcing blasts to take him down. Don’t forget; the Chopper is really good for running enemies over.

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Tovarus might be a bit trickier because he uses a Scrap Cannon that can tear through your shields and that Chopper, so hop off it. Takedown his shields with a plasma gun and put some damage into him, and he will begin running across the river. Take this time to take out any surrounding smaller enemies before chasing him down.

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When they are gone, turn towards the wreckage that Tovarus jumped into. Now and then, he may jump down to the water, but he likes to stick up top. If he isn’t coming down, use your Grappleshot to get up to him and use the doorways and wreckage as cover. Prioritize survival, and eventually, you will take him down and can make your way to the Pelican.

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