How to beat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring

The first of many.

Image via Bandai Namco

Margit is the first unavoidable boss you will probably encounter when making your way through Elden Ring. They are located on the path from Stormhill to Stormveil Castle. They will jump down from the sky to try and destroy your hopes and dreams. Take the fight back to Margit and show them whose boss. Here is how you beat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring.

Margit’s phase one attacks

Margit has two phases. During phase one, they will have various attacks from all different types of weapons. The most obvious weapon is Margit’s staff. Margit will swing their staff quite frequently. Luckily, these attacks are easy to predict since they are relatively slow. Watch out for when Margit spins to attack with their tail.

If you get too far, Margit will elect to charge or lunge at you. These attacks are easy to see coming. However, be careful, if Margit elects to charge you, they will attack twice, and the second attack is harder to time. Lastly, Margit will use a magical dagger. When Margit summons this weapon, they will typically throw it. It usually comes after a chain of attacks from their staff or if you step too far away from them.

Margit’s phase two attacks

During phase two, Margit’s attacks tend to stay the same. They will, however, gain a new weapon. This new weapon is a magical hammer that they can summon just like the dagger. When they are summoning the hammer, you will see a small collection of energy around their left side. Keep that in mind when avoiding their attacks in the second phase since it can come at the end of any attack combo.

The last attack you have to avoid is Margit’s jumping hammer smash. They will periodically jump into the air and slam the ground with their hammer. This has a significant AOE range and can damage you heavily if you aren’t careful. Remember, phase two will come when Margit is at around 50% health.

How to beat Margit

At the beginning of the fight, try to get behind Margit. This will help keep you out of harm’s way so you can deal damage. Do not get stingy with your attacks. Margit loves to attack quickly and will not hesitate to end your attacks. When you get a chance, hit Margit with one or two attacks and back off. If you have a spirit summon available, that can be used to help draw aggro to get more hits in.

Margit can be staggered if you deal enough damage quickly enough. Try your best to two-hand your weapon to deal the most damage. Stick to Margit’s right side (the side with the staff) to help avoid taking damage and make it easier to get behind them. When using ranged attacks, try to create as much distance between you and Margit as possible. Margit will not be afraid to close the gap. Stay on the move, and the fight will be over quickly.