How to beat Morgott, The Omen King in Elden Ring

A bad omen awaits.

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One of the mandatory boss battles, Morgott the Omen King is much more than he first appears. In the cutscene, he appears to struggle down some steps, but as soon as he enters the arena, he sheds the stone binding his sword and leaps with alarming speed towards you. Morgott is fast, hits hard, and has some very disjointed attacks that can throw players off. If you’re struggling, here’s how to beat Shardbearer Morgott.


If you don’t mind online play, summon two allies to help you in this fight. You can summon Melina, the Maiden, at the top of the steps near the boss gate — and unlike many NPC summons, she is very helpful in this fight. She can use ranged holy attacks and dodges well enough to survive a lot of Morgott’s onslaught.

If you want to try and fight Morgott solo, we recommend using a bulky Ash ally — the Ancestor Spirit Ashes or Kaidan Sellsword Ashes are both fairly easy to acquire and sufficiently tanky if invested in. Kaidan in particular will deal heavy amounts of damage, but Ancestor Spirit can swap to a bow if the boss leaps away. If both of those are unavailable, the tried-and-true Wolves can do some damage, but don’t expect them to stay on the field for long.

A final bit of prepwork: you should, by this point, have a +15 weapon of some kind that benefits from whatever your highest damaging stat is — and that stat should be 35 or higher. You should be at least level 65 for this fight — it can be cleared at a lower level, but odds are good you won’t have enough raw stats to take more than a single hit before needing to heal.

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The Fight

Morgott has two phases. The first phase is simple enough — he will leap around the arena and take swipes at you with his sword, while occasionally summoning holy weapons such as a short sword or hammer (much like the Godrick fight.) He can also toss a set of three holy daggers at you if you are far enough away, as well as conjure up a giant holy spear. All of his attacks in this phase have sufficient wind-up, so dodge into him or to the side to avoid the damage.

Keep in mind that Morgott’s sword has a very deceptive hitbox — even if it looks like you’re far enough away, or you think that he can’t hit you with his slashing pattern, it can still tag you if you’re not careful. It’s best to strike once or twice before retreating or raising your shield — you will never get enough time in between his attack patterns to land more than two or three hits.

One of his most dangerous attacks is when he will drop spears on the ground around him. At first, it’s in a wide area around him, but after the first wave it will disappear into a cross pattern around him. These cross-spears will continue to drop for several seconds and can flinch you into another one of Morgott’s attacks, so make sure you do not accidentally roll into one.

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Phase two starts around 55% health — he will reel in pain, allowing you to get two or three hits in — before spewing geysers of toxic waste around him. These geysers will periodically appear throughout the fight, and they hurt a lot. Even worse, they will flinch you if your poise isn’t high enough, opening you up to another attack from Morgott. Periodically, he will repeat the AoE geyser attack, so when you see him curl up, move away.

The main thing to remember is that this fight, like many high-speed boss fights, relies on attack memorization and patterns. You will likely die a lot, but continue to practice your dodge timings and learn to hit once or twice before getting out — Morgott will fall before long, grants you a whopping 60,000 Runes as well as the Morgott’s Great Rune.