How to beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3 – final boss fight guide

I hate this bear.

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To the player, Mr. Grizz was the character that trained everyone on how to play Salmon Run. He would give them fair pay and advice on how to improve if they missed their quota. If the player did well on a job, he would compliment them. Overall, the guy was a decent boss. So it comes as a surprise when he’s the antagonist of Splatoon 3’s single-player campaign. This giant grizzly bear serves as the game’s final boss and rightfully so as he’s definitely challenging. So, if you’re finding yourself unable to beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3, this is what you need to do.

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How to beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3

Unlike the previous four bosses, you only have one life when fighting Mr. Grizz. So if you die, you restart from the beginning of whatever phase you were on. Not only that, but this grizzly bear has a lot of moves up his sleeve that will make it really easy for you to die. So, if you want to have a fighting chance and reduce the number of restarts you’ll get during this boss battle, we highly recommend that you go back and upgrade your hero gear as much as possible. Having the best gear going into Mr. Grizz will make this fight a lot easier considering he will throw a lot at you during his first three phases.

Mr. Grizz’s first phase

The gimmick in Mr. Grizz’s boss fight is that you’re going to need to collect Golden Eggs in order to get rid of the Fuzzball on the rocket so you can attack ink. So make sure you collect every single egg you see. For the first Fuzzball, you’re only going to need two.

When you get rid of the Fuzz, you’ll see a couple of enemies. Get rid of them. Mr. Grizz will also launch a couple of rockets at you. You can either dodge these or destroy them by shooting at them. Getting close to Mr. Grizz will cause him to swing his claws, which will create five pillars of purple ink. Getting hit by these will destroy your armor. To dodge these, just stand in between the pillars. When you’re close enough, start shooting at the hole on Mr. Grizz’s body and keep hitting it until it reveals a Fuzzball.

Mr. Grizz’s second phase

Mr. Grizz will introduce two new moves here. The first one will be that he will launch bombs at you. You’ll be shown where these bombs will land, so make sure you get out of the way, or else you’ll get hit for a ton of damage. Another move that he does is he will rotate the rocket. When he does this, you need to move with the rocket or else you’ll fall off. If you move too fast, you’ll also fall off so you have to maintain a perfect balance. We recommend inking the area in front of you as you’re running forward so if you see yourself falling behind, you can swim forward so you can catch up. After rotating the rocket, use the three Golden Eggs you’ve collected on the Fuzzball to get rid of the fuzz and get closer to Mr. Grizz.

Once the Fuzz is gone, you’ll have five enemies that will shoot at you. Throw your Smallfry at them so they’ll shoot at him. This will give you ample time to attack them without you sustaining any damage. You can also hide behind the barrier to recover if you find yourself taking too much damage.

There are also going to be four flying enemies as well. These guys are a bit more annoying, but they’re not anything you haven’t dealt with before. If you took out the others, you’ll have enough area to maneuver to deal with them properly.

After eliminating all the enemies, you can focus on Mr. Grizz. Just like before, hit the hole on his chest to reveal the Fuzzball. You’ll need five Golden Eggs to get rid of the Fuzzball. If you’ve collected all the Golden Areas, throw your Smallfry at it to move on to the next phase.

Mr. Grizz’s third phase

You’re going to need to collect all three Golden Eggs before advancing further up. We recommend collecting the first two on the left side before jumping to get the one on the right. Jump back onto the left platform and destroy the fuzz before advancing. You’ll be greeted by some enemies. To make your life a bit easier, throw your Smallfry so the enemies will hit him instead of you. This should give you some time to splat a couple of enemies before Mr. Grizz rotates the rocket. Just like before, move with the rocket. Once the rocket fully rotates, Mr. Grizz will do a new attack: a sonic attack. This attack will do damage to you over time so you need to get out of its path before it splats you.

Mr. Grizz will repeat this sonic attack, so keep dodging that and focus on taking out the rest of the enemies. Once you take out the enemies, you should be able to collect the rest of the Golden Eggs. You’re going to need five of them to advance further to Mr. Grizz.

Once you clear this path, there will be enemies that will shoot at you. Defeat them and use your Smallfry if you need a little distraction. After defeating the enemies, you can turn your attention to the man himself. Mr. Grizz will start swinging his claws again, throwing bombs, and slamming the ground when you get really close to him. Keep hitting him and eventually, the Fuzzball will reveal itself. You’re going to need seven Golden Eggs for this one. Throw Smallfry at him and you’re done — or, so you thought.

Mr. Grizz’s final phase

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Just when you think it’s all over, it isn’t! Thankfully, this final phase is a breeze compared to the others. In this portion, Mr. Grizz will be attacking Bigfry. Your job is to suck up the glowing fuzzball off of his body in the allotted time. If you don’t, you’ll get the bad ending. Thankfully, if you do lose, you’ll just restart from the beginning of this portion.

Right at the very beginning, we recommend that you ink the entire ship. The reason for this is that enemies will spawn. If you don’t ink the area around you, you’re going to find yourself getting overwhelmed quickly and potentially get yourself splatted.

As you approach Mr. Grizz, you’re going to need to mind the giant orbiting Fuzzballs that will block your way. If you get hit by them, they’ll send you flying back and make you waste precious time. So, when you see them, just dodge them. Another thing that can send you hurling back is Mr. Grizz himself. Although he’s focused on attacking Bigfry, his attacks can also hit you. When he’s about to throw a punch, back off so you don’t get hurt. Eventually, you’ll defeat Mr. Grizz and beat the game!