How To Beat Murder Game on Poki

Get your stabbin on.

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The Murder Game is one of the most popular on Poki. The game is simple, free, and easy to access anywhere if you have a browser to run it. Infamously popular with kids, this lighthearted game is about conspiring to kill the King and his defenders in a cartoonish way. In your mission to kill the King, you must avoid guards so that you can complete your goal without being seen, suspected, or taken out.

Mastering the Murder Game on Poki – Pro Tips and Strategies

It’s no wonder that the Murder Game is popular on Poki. For one thing, it’s quite similar to another popular title we know kids tend to enjoy: Among Us. The market here is identical; both are easy-to-assess games about being stealthy and getting away with cartoonish killings. Below, we’ll describe how you can beat the Murder Game on Poki.

1. Understand the rules

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The first step to getting the hang of any game is knowing the rules against you. You’re an assassin, trying to find somewhere for your knife to go (in the king’s back). The rules are simple. Hold the space bar to charge up your attack. If the king catches you, you’re thrown into the dungeon and have to try again. Making sure you understand these basic rules to how the game operates can help you eventually kill the King and take his crown, moving on to the second part of the game. But first, you need that crown.

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2. Watch the King’s movements

To get your hands on the crown, you’ll need to watch the King’s movement closely. It can take a lot of trial and error, but don’t worry; there is no limit to how many times you can try. (Although the amount of skeletons you’ll pile up will get comically larger and larger, so keep this in mind.) If he snorts, sniffles, rolls his eyes, or coughs, that’s a sign he’s about to turn around. Once you learn these patterns and get everything the King does down pat, it’ll only be a matter of time before you can hold that space bar down long enough to get him finally.

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3. Be cautious

Getting the King is the first big hurdle to the rest of the game. Once you do, you’ll have other strategies to consider. Until then, caution is the name of the game. Learning the King’s patterns, when he looks, and what his signs of looking may be are the keys to the crown. Have patience, stay cautious, and eventually, you’ll be the one looking out for a knife in your own back.

4. Be aware of different characters

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Once you finally stab the King, you slip into his robes and become the King yourself. From then on, it’s a different game. As you walk down the castle hall as a King, people will come from behind to try and stab you. Depending on who they are, they have different methods, but all you need to do in order to deter them is look behind you using the space bar. Different people can grant different endings to the game. For example, if you let a jester kill you, he’ll unlock a secret ending. If you allow the red assassin get you, that also unlocks a secret ending. Keep playing as the King successfully to find them all!

5. Watch the red bar

The red bar means two different things depending on who you are, a murderer or a King. If you’re the King, that’s your lifespan. When it runs out, so do you. When you’re a murderer, that’s how long it takes for the stab to land successfully. The game goes on in an endless loop, with no surefire way to be a King forever but plenty of endings to discover.