How to beat Omega Masquerade in Phantasy Star Online 2

Be the alpha you were meant to become

Image via Sega

If you’re taking a break from the holiday events and need a real challenge, Omega Masquerade might give you more than what you asked for. Let’s go through how to survive this solo fight and reap the benefits. You can clear this quest up to five times per day.

Strategy for Omega Masquerade

Omega Masquerade highly resembles Elga Masquerade from Story Quest 5-6, but he packs much more of a punch. Projectile attack strength has increased, and he’s got an anti-air combo if you manage to get more than two jumps’ worth of height above him. Additionally, if you get as high as the broken pillars and stand still, you can create a damage reduction up to 99%. This will reset if you move at all, so it’s great if you need a breather.

Attack immunity

You’ll need to keep your attacks varied against Omega Masquerade, because he’ll create an immunity barrier against any attack that adds up to 20% of his health. Keep bouncing back and forth among PA, Normal, Step Attack, Weapon Potential Effect, and anything else you have at your disposal.

Attack bonus and depth

Depth is a unique mechanic only applied to this quest. Each time you clear the Omega Masquerade fight, your depth increases by 1. The higher your depth, the more your fight will be stacked against you, granting debuffs to you and extra abilities and buffs for Omega Masquerade.

If you have any weapons from the Atlas Ex series or the Austere-NT series, bring them to this fight. They’ll do an additional [140 – current depth] % damage, and if you’ve acquired a Lightstream Xion weapon, it will give you a bonus of [200 – current depth] %. This effect will cancel if your depth reaches 111.