How to beat Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring

Be weary of the head slam.

Image via Bandai Namco

Like any Soulsbourne game, Elden Ring is filled with difficult bosses for you to take on. Thanks to the inclusion of the open world, you can discover many bosses quickly in Elden Ring. One of these bosses lurks underground and isn’t afraid to slam you into the ground with his head. That boss is Pumpkin Head. Here is how you beat Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring.

Where to find Pumpkin Head

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Before you head to the area that Pumpkin Head is, make sure you have received your Spectral Steed. You will need your Spectral Steed to reach the location. Head to the area known as the Post Town Remains. This location is south of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace. When you reach the ruins, jump over the wooden barricade using your Spectral Steed and head underground. You will know you are in the correct area if you see a large flower enemy.

Pumpkin Head’s attacks

Pumpkin Head keeps a fairly consistent string of attacks. He will mainly attack by swinging the flail that he holds in his right hand. Pumpkin Head’s attacks are rather quick but easy to dodge. After an attack with the flail, Pumpkin Head will typically go for an attack with his left arm that doesn’t have a weapon. Pumpkin Head will also take advantage of the massive helmet to perform a slam attack. Watch out for when his head swings down. He can do this a few times in a row, but it will often lead to him getting stunned.

How to beat Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head’s attacks are pretty easy to dodge as long as you stick to his left side (the side without a weapon). When you dodge, dodge to his left side in a counterclockwise motion. Get the occasional hit in when you can. You will want to wait for him to slam his head down. This will usually stun him and give you time to get in several hits before he can attack again.

The same strategy can be performed if you are using a magic-based character. We recommend summoning a spirit if you have the ability to. This will help make the fight easier and draw aggro away from you during the fight. Keep repeating the process above until Pumpkin Head is defeated.