How to beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in Elden Ring

Another Demigod for you to face.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is one of the demigods you’ll have to chance to fight against in Elden Ring. You can find her at the center of Liurnia, at the top of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. When you reach her, you’ll have to fight her through two unique phases, each testing your combat skills. In this guide, we detail what you need to do to beat Rennala, the Full Moon Queen in Elden Ring.

How to beat Rennala the Full Moon Queen

Phase one

During the first phase, it’s all about speed. Rennala will be suspended in the air, protected by an orange shield. To break it, you will need to eliminate the students on the ground singing. These students will have a distinct yellow glow around them to make identifying them easier. To shatter the shield, you will need to find three students. Once you’ve defeated the third student, Rennala will fall to the ground, vulnerable.

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After you do this once and Rennala rises again, she grabs four students and turns them into tombstones, throwing them at you. You can potentially find the next three students singing to break the shield again before these go out against you.

Through the fight, the students will be crawling toward you, attempting to light you on fire. The one singing will be throwing things at you to make it harder to reach them, and if you see flames falling to the ground, this indicates a location a chandelier can fall. We recommend avoiding these locations as much as possible, using your dodge often.

Phase two

A cutscene will play out as you transition to Rennala’s second phase. You’ll be transported to another dimension here, and she will be at full power. The first opening attack she uses will be a large beam attack she fires in front of her. You’ll be able to dodge this and close the distance quickly. After that, she’ll fire out multiple blue magical missiles at you, which you should be able to dodge. They’re not as quick as other spells in Elden Ring.

If you stay close for too long, she’ll spin her staff at her, trying to push you away. She may also slam her staff into the ground to knock you back or fire magical missiles at you while flying away. Many of these early attacks are dodgeable, and we recommend rolling towards her to find openings to strike her consistently.

You may see Rennala create a moon that slowly plummets to the ground. It will home in on you and attempt to follow you around, but like her previous spells, it’s relatively slow-moving and easy to dodge. It creates a small AoE around it when it does land, so make sure you’re not close when it lands.

During the second phase of this fight, she’ll use Ash Summons herself. These consist of many you can do, such as wolves, an Ogre, skeletons, or even a Dragon. These are powerful, and we recommend moving around them, pulling away from Rennala until they disappear. However, they won’t last forever. The Dragon is the most difficult because of its fire at you.

The Spirit Ashes will be used alongside Rennala’s spells, proving troublesome. We recommend backing away when the Spirit Ashes arrive and focusing on Rennala as they are more of a distraction.

After you defeat her, you’ll gain her Great Rune, and you’ll receive her Remembrance to turn in with the Finger Reader.