How to beat Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing in Elden Ring

Sir Gideon brings his knowledge to the fight.

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Sir Gideon Ofnir may be on the hunt for knowledge, but that won’t stop him from attempting to impede your quest to become the Elden Lord. As you march your way through the capital city, now covered in ash, you will need to fight Gideon. Be prepared, he knows a lot of spells. Here is how you beat Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing in Elden Ring.

Sir Gideon’s location

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Sir Gideon can be found in Leyndell, Capital of Ash. You won’t be able to fight him until after you have defeated Maliketh in the Crumbling Farum Azula. After you defeat him, you will automatically be teleported to the capital city but it will be covered in ash. Make your way to the area you fought Godfrey. Gideon will be waiting in the same room.

Sir Gideon’s attacks

Sir Gideon knows a lot of spells. They don’t call him the all-knowing for nothing. Here are all of the attacks you will need to watch out for when dealing with this boss.

  • Switft Glintstone Shard – Gideon will fire out a glintstone shard. This is a basic attack that can easily be dodged.
  • Glintblade – Gideon will surround himself with glintblades that will fire at you after a short while.
  • Discus of Light – Gideon throws out three discs of light in a fan motion that come back after a short while.
  • Rykard’s Rancor – Gideon fire out a red skull that deals damage in an AOE after hitting you or an object.
  • Comet Azure – Gideon fires out a massive beam of energy that can shred your HP if you are caught in it.
  • Black Flame Ritual – Gideon spawns a bunch of flame pillars.
  • Bloodboon – Gideon will make a slash with a bloody flame that applies bleed damage if it hits.
  • Scarlet Aeonia – Gideon jumps into the air and slams the ground causing a flower to blood and apply Scarlet Rot buildup along with damage those nearby.

How to beat Sir Gideon

Sir Gideon may have some powerful attack but they are easily interrupted. Use heavy attacks to disrupt the spells that take longer to cast like Black Flame Ritual and Comet Azure. Melee attacks will be able to throw him off often and performing heavy jump attacks can stun him for the all-important critical attacks. Stay on your toes as well and avoid the attacks with AOEs like Scarlet Aeonia and Rykard’s Rancor.

Ranged attackers may have a bit of a harder time with Gideon. He moves frequently and can easily avoid spells unless he is preoccupied with a summon. Melee spells work well against him. When summoning a spirit, choose one that moves fast and hits hard like Bloodhound Floh. Bleed damage can be applied easily to Gideon and having a summon that causes bleed damage is very useful.