How to beat the Beacon Beach Darkmess Tentacle in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Careful, you’ll poke your eye out.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first planet in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is Beacon Beach, and what should be a sandy paradise is instead being bombarded with rain. That’s because of the Darkmess Tentacle wrapped around the lighthouse, but the main quest will eventually task you with taking it out. The Darkmess itself is covered in eyes, and you’ll need to poke all 11 of them to tear the tentacle down.

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How to defeat the Darkmess Tentacle in Beacon Beach

Screenshot by Gamepur

Your first move should be to dash into the nearby Bob-omb and toss it at the first group of eyes. That can take out three at once in its blast radius. From there, you only need to clear eight more, and luckily they can only take a single hit from any attack.

Start making your way around the tentacle mass counter-clockwise since that’s the easier way to go. Rabbid Luigi is a great choice here because his Disruptor can chain together up to three eyes at once. As you move around, be sure to take out any enemies along the way — they will make short work of you otherwise. Be mindful of new portals opening up as you go. It’s not a bad idea to let one party member lag behind and deal with any additional bad guys that drop into the battle. Just don’t rely on the fire Spark because many of the enemies have fire resistance, marked by their red hoods.

As long as you keep your back protected, this battle shouldn’t be too bad. When you have only a few eyes left, you should be mostly in the clear to just rush ahead and get in those last few hits. Remember, it only takes one per eye. Once all are popped, the Darkmess Tentacle will dissolve, and Beacon Beach will be bright and sunny once again.