How to beat the Dragonkin Soldier in Elden Ring

Slay this hulking behemoth.

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The Dragonkin Soldier is a powerful foe with enough strength to throw you across the map. This monstrosity is ready for you to challenge if you dare. Like with the dragon bosses, you will want to be on horseback for the fight to make things a little easier. Here is how you beat the Dragonkin Soldier in Elden Ring.

Dragonkin Soldier location

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You will find the Dragonkin Soldier in Siofra River. To reach this location, you will first need to find the Siofra River Well on the eastern side of Mistwood. Take the elevator down and progress through the area until you reach the large lake area with the staircase surrounded by unlit braziers. Head over to the woods and use the teleportation stone to teleport to the area with the Dragonkin Soldier. The teleportation stone is atop a fallen pillar that you can climb.

Dragonkin Soldier attacks

The Dragonkin Soldier has a few basic attacks that are easy to see coming but deal a ton of damage if they connect. If you get too close, the boss will swipe either of its arms horizontally along the ground. It will also lift up and perform a large slam attack.

Outside of those two attacks, the boss will perform a reaching attack where it reaches out with one arm and slams the ground. It will also use a swipe attack where it reaches its arm out far and swipes the ground. Lastly, it will perform an uppercut where it drags its arm along the ground before swinging it upward.

How to defeat the Dragonkin Soldier

Defeating the Dragonkin Soldier is easier said than done. Any attack that connects will deal a devastating amount of damage. You will want to be on horseback for the entirety of the fight. When going in with melee attacks, keep some distance and wait for the boss to use one of its attacks. Preferably, you will want to wait for the uppercut or the slam since these take the longest to recover from. Run in and attack at the boss’s legs before running back out. Rinse and repeat until the boss is defeated.

When using ranged attacks, stick to a consistent distance and circle the boss. Use the Swift Glintstone Shard spell if you have it since it can be used effectively while on horseback without slowing you down. Keep firing your spells until the boss goes down. It will most likely use up a few flasks so be prepared and bring extras if needed.