How to beat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

One last hurdle before Miss Chalice is saved.

Image via Studio MDHR

Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC is about gathering special ingredients for Chef Saltbaker, but it turns out he had an ulterior motive all along. After defeating the other bosses, you’re in for one last fight against the salty chef who pretended to be your friend. Here’s how to pay him back for that betrayal.

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Tips to defeat Chef Saltbaker – Phase 1

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is the longest phase of the fight, so be ready for a serious test of endurance. As you focus fire on Chef Saltbaker, take note of the little flame at the top of the screen. It’ll occasionally bob down and back up, creating an extra hazard during this whole part of the fight.

As for Saltbaker’s attacks, watch the background to see what’s coming next. He has four different ingredients that can cause trouble for you. Sugar cubes will move across the screen in a wave pattern, so you’ll need to jump over or slide under them — one will often be pink, letting you get in a parry. If he starts kneading some dough, then animal crackers will start bouncing across the screen. These can be shot out of the air, which you should definitely do to keep the screen clear. If the chef starts chopping limes, then they’ll move across the screen like razors. Each one follows a high or low path before returning to the other, so you’ll need to jump and stay grounded to avoid them all. Finally, Saltbaker can send strawberries raining down like hail. Dodging these is a matter of staying out of their path. These attacks often overlap, so don’t be discouraged if this phase takes you a while.

Chef Saltbaker – Phase 2

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During phase two, you can’t damage Saltbaker directly. Instead, you need to deal damage to the salt shakers in the corners of the screen. After enough hits, they’ll rocket toward Saltbaker and hit him. Your best bet is to stay on the ground and constantly fire to the left and right, sending the lower shakers off as often as possible.

During this time, all four shakers will actually sneeze out bits of debris, which will occasionally be pink. Be prepared to avoid these — the debris from the lower shakers can be dodged with a duck. Trios of leaves will also repeatedly fall to the floor, so stay out of their path to avoid being hit. Finally, that annoying flame from the first phase is here too. It’ll periodically leap to wherever you’re currently standing, so be sure to take big steps as you move around to avoid letting it get too close.

Chef Saltbaker – Phase 3

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This is the shortest phase of the fight, but it requires precise dodges. Your target is the pair of salt dancers that twirl around the room. They move in the same bouncing pattern, and you’ll often need to dash right between them and the buzz saw that moves along the floor. Fire as often as you can to quickly move on. Just be careful not to land on the saw when this phase starts and hit your dash as soon as the salt figures fall into frame to avoid being crushed.

Chef Saltbaker – Phase 4

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It all comes down to this. Saltbaker’s heart-shaped soul will move around as you climb up the falling glass platforms. Obviously, you should take care not to fall here — you may need to air dash to reach the next platform from time to time. Alternatively, you can parry off of Saltbaker himself to stay in the air, as he’ll be constantly pink. Avoid being bopped by him as he flies around — keep your finger guns trained on him, and you’ll eventually overcome this final fight.