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How to beat the Sprag optional mission in Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker

Sprag is back, and she wants revenge.

The Sprag boss battle is an optional challenge you can try to complete during the Junk Run weekly mission. This mission can be done by visiting Kahl’s Garrison. Kahl features three rotating missions, and instead of fixed rotations, they rotate based on which time you beat the current one he has for you. This guide will explain how to beat the Sprag optional mission in Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker.

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How to beat Sprag in the Junk Run mission in Warframe

Sprag is a Grineer soldier and miniboss for the Queens. The Queens rule the Grineer forces, and her sister Ven’kra is never far from her side. They appear with veils from Narmer during Kahl’s weekly missions, and you can try to hunt them down to complete a challenge and earn 15 Stock for your troubles.

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When you start the Junk Run mission, run forward and hack the camera to deactivate the first gate you run into—run by the deacons on patrol until you reach the large open area with a camera to hack. Stick to the left side of this room and walk towards the corridor with a gate and a lone Grineer soldier blocking your path.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The white arrow on the map pictured above shows you the correct spot. Use the Veilbreaker ability on the Grineer soldier to bring him under your command. Instruct him to destroy the gate to advance to the hidden area. Inside this area, walk forward, and you will be face-to-face with Sprag.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sprag has a health bar broken up into three segments. Each segment is a different phase for this battle. The first phase is relatively straightforward. Sprag has a specialized and sizable axe and will mainly run at you to try and land a melee strike against you. Sprag can also throw her axe at you from a distance; this move can knock you down and leave you vulnerable for up to five seconds.

After the first phase, Sprag will become immune. To destroy the drones making her immune, you must find mines strewn about the boss arena. Instruct your Grineer squad mate to activate the mine as a trap. Use yourself as bait and wait next to the mine. Sprag will leap into the air and charge up her axe, and a targeting reticle will appear beneath your feet.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As Sprag drops to attack you, she will get stunned by the land mine. While she is stunned, shoot her two drones. When they are destroyed, she can be damaged again. Repeat the first phase, whittling her down from a distance to bring her to the third and final health bar.

The exact process will repeat, order your group to arm a mine, wait for her to get stunned, and reshoot the drones. This time, however, you have to use your Veilbreaker grenade on her. While she is stunned, perform the minigame to free her from her shackles. The fight will end as she uses her jetpack and exits the arena.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This will complete the optional Sprag mission and award you with 15 Stock. You can use this currency to purchase Archon Shards, Styanax parts, and weapons.

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