How to beat Vorkath in Old School Runescape

Don’t fear the reaper…fear this dragon instead

Image via Jagex

Vorkath can make a quick example out of you if you aren’t careful in Old School Runescape. Here are some tips to make sure you survive the fight after poking the dragon and waking him up.

Important notes

Vorkath can hit you with vertical dragonfire, an acid pool quickfire barrage, and a suicide spawn. Any of these attacks has a chance to kill you instantly. If this happens, you need to pick up your items from Torfinn, and it will cost 100,000 coins. If you die again before making it back to Torfinn, your items will disappear forever.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual Vorkath fight.

Ranged equipment against Vorkath

As the name implies, you should take the dragon hunter crossbow with you to fight Vorkath. Unfortunately, this item is insanely expensive and time-consuming to get, so you can also work with a Toxic blowpipe or Armadyl crossbow. Equip as many void knight items as you have, but make sure your ammo slot contains a God blessing, and bring a special attack weapon that reduces defense, like a Bandos godsword or dragon warhammer.

Melee equipment against Vorkath

Flinching is going to be your best friend if you’re taking on Vorkath hand-to-hand. A slayer helmet, infernal cape, and Bandos chestplates and tassets will keep you alive. Vorkath doesn’t like getting stabbed with sharp objects, so bring the Grazi rapier to maximize your damage against him. If you don’t have the rapier, try the Zamorakian hasta or the Abyssal dagger. Keep a dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword in your special attack slot.

Fighting Vorkath

After you poke the dragon, Vorkath will attack six times, using random regular skills, then switch to one of two special attacks. This pattern will continue until one of you is dead, preferable Vorkath. The dragon can hit for up to 31 damage with each normal attack, and he has much higher accuracy in melee than he does in ranged.

When you see the poison pools appear from the quickfire barrage, immediately disable your prayers and keep walking on the non-poisonous ground to stay out of damage. You can completely avoid this attack as long as you keep moving, and you don’t want Vorkath stealing your health for himself, which this attack will do. Melee attackers can run in and stab Vorkath before a hasty retreat, while ranged players should attack from 6 tiles away with a blowpipe or 8 tiles away with a crossbow.

When Vorkath isn’t spitting acid at you, he’s attempting to freeze you with zombified ice dragonfire. He’ll also send a Zombified Spawn in your direction, and while this spawn is alive, Vorkath is immune to all damage. Crumble Undead will immediately take care of the creature, opening Vorkath up to damage once more.