How to become the Galactic Imperium in Stellaris

It has been reorganized into the first Galactic Empire.

The job of becoming a Galactic Custodian in Stellaris can be a difficult one. You’ll be tasked with driving the values of all the other empires and ensuring you keep their best interests in mind as you direct your policies forward. It can be a daunting task, but luckily, there’s a term limit to this structure. However, you have the option to remove that term limit, and remain the Galactic Custodian, potentially becoming a Galactic Imperium that serves as the galaxy’s emperor.

How to become a Galactic Custodian

Before you can become the Galactic Imperium, you have to be elected to become the Galactic Custodian. The proposal will need to be brought up to the senate and voted on, similar to every issue brought before the senate. You can increase your chances of being elected as the Galactic Custodian by creating positive relationships with the empires and even using favors to sway powers that would typically vote against you.

You’ll know if you were elected as the Galactic Custodian or if the senators disagreed with the choice at the end of the vote. While acting as the Galactic Custodian, you’ll have the power to stop votes after they’ve gone beyond their halfway timer, freeze resolutions, force galactic focuses, and your ships can go through the territories of all senators in the senate.

The Galactic Custodian does have a term timer. If you choose to vote to remove this term limit, you’ll begin your path to becoming a Galactic Imperium and assuming your role as the emperor.

How to become a Galactic Imperium

The first step to becoming a Galactic Imperium is to support the Remove Custodianship Term Limit. If you gain enough support for this issue when it arrives at the Galactic Senate, and you are the Galactic Custodian, this role will no longer have a term limit. Your empire will remain in this role until another removes you from the galaxy or something else equally tragic occurs.

Under the Custodianship power tree of the Resolutions tab on the Galactic Imperium page, you’ll be able to choose to form a Galactic Imperium. It changes the Galactic Community into a Galactic Imperium. All of the federations are disbanded throughout the empire. You can choose for the Imperial Council to be chosen through election, appointment, or abolish it entirely. You can also choose to strengthen your followers by working with them. You have much more influence in the Galactic Imperium political arena, forcing issues that strengthen the empire how you see fit. You’ll also have to deal with rebellions that spark up throughout the galaxy.