How to best use Horizon on World’s Edge in Apex Legends

Horizon was good on Olympus, but it’s World’s Edge where she really shines.

Horizon World's Edge

The Week 3 Apex Legends patch brought World’s Edge back into the map rotation, and with that, introduced Season 7’s newcomer Legend, Horizon, to the map for the first time. World’s Edge is a bigger and very different map than Olympus, so the playstyle one may prefer for Horizon will shift. Here is how to best take advantage of Horizon’s abilities and unique place in the meta on World’s Edge.

Best locations for the Gravity Lift Tactical

One of Horizon’s most useful abilities that makes a major difference on World’s Edge is her Tactical ability, Gravity Lift. First off, Sorting Factory and Refinery are two great locations for the Gravity lift. Especially in their largest buildings.

Speaking of buildings, when you’re on top of a building in Skyhook or the Fragments, you can use your Gravity Lift to hop between rooftops. The Lift can also move players high enough to get onto the main road in areas that it is elevated (like between Sorting Factory and Harvester) or get you onto the roof of the big building in Train Yard.

Remember to have Gravity Lift and Horizon’s passive, Spacewalk, go hand and hand. In battle, you can jump down from a higher point, reload and/or heal, and Gravity lift right back up to rejoin the fight.

  • Sorting Factory
  • Refinery
  • Skyhook
  • Fragment West & East
  • Train Yard
  • Main road (elevated locations)

Best locations for the Black Hole Ultimate

One of the things about Olympus was there weren’t a lot of choke spots. On World’s Edge, that is not the case. Some of the best spots to use a Black Hole are the pathway between Fragment West and Harvester, the tunnel leading from Skyhook and Train Yard, and the tunnel with the Train Yard loot vault, as those are places players often have to go through when the ring is closing in.

Best weapons and gear

The best weapon to use with Horizon’s abilities as the close range is definitely the R-99 (or the heirloom Prowler). With Horizon, she doesn’t stay in one place long, so it’s best to do as much damage as fast as possible while you are there. For long-range, the Longbow and Charge Rifle will suit well, as the rapid-fire and ongoing beam both make it possible to use while moving or while you’re in a pinch. For mid-range, there’s not a special stand-out, though the Hemlok and Spitfire may suit you well.

  • R-99 and Prowler
  • Longbow and Charge Rifle
  • Hemlok and Spitfire

It seems that every time a legend is introduced on another map these days, World’s Edge is where they really shine. The same is true for Season 5’s Legend, Loba. Are you ready to take Horizon for a spin on World’s Edge?