How to boot in safe mode on PS5

There’s a specific process.

Image via Sony

For those who have been having problems with your PlayStation 5, or if you need to apply a USB system update, you want to do it from safe mode. There’s a specific way to turn your console on through safe mode, but it’s not entirely explained. There’s only one button you can use to turn the console on and off, and it’s the one you need to use.

You want to make sure your PS5 system is completely turned off before booting it in safe mode. You don’t want to try safe mode while it’s in rest mode, so save your games, cancel your downloads, and power the PS5 completely off. It doesn’t hurt to give it five to 10 minutes of settling down before coming back to it.

When you’re ready to power it on in safe mode, it’s exactly like turning it on manually. You don’t want to do it from your controller. Instead, walk up to the PS5, click and hold the power button, and only release after you’ve heard the second beep from the console. You have to hold the button until the second beep comes out continually. It should take about seven seconds. Once it does, let it go, and then your console should start up from safe mode. Grab your controller and connect it using the USB cable, and then hit the PS button on the controller.

You want to use your PS5’s safe mode whenever you encounter a problem, and you want to diagnostic the issues. You’ll be able to modify the console’s storage database, change its resolution, or even hard reset it to the original factory settings when you first acquired it. There’s a change if you play around with these settings that you could lose saved data on your console, so it’s a good idea to keep a back of any important information you have on it on a cloud drive or a USB flash drive.