How to brake and boost in Chorus

The final frontier, understood.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Chorus is a stellar space shooter with responsive controls and options for the player. However, it can be quite overwhelming when you first check out the game. Here’s how to brake and boost in Chorus.

Rather than flying into a wall when you look at certain objectives or items, you can break by tilting the left stick down. This will bring you to a complete stop, so you can survey the area easier. To bring your ship back up to speed again, simply tilt the left stick in the opposite direction to begin the engine at a normal speed.

If you find yourself in a dogfight against pirates or cultists, you’ll need to maneuver around asteroids, flying objects, and space itself. In order to get away from foes in a speedy fashion, press the L2 button (or LT on Xbox) to gain a short-distance boost. It is permanent, so you don’t have to worry about a power meter. If boosting isn’t enough to evade enemy fire, you can also dodge roll by flicking the left analog stick left or right.

For long-distance travel, you’ll need a bit more engine power. To get a super-fast speed, press the left analog stick button to surge forwards. 40km can be overcome in just a few minutes.