How to find the thief in Chorus

Honor Among Thieves.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Near the beginning of the game, Chorus will challenge you to find a thief that has stolen three tons of high-grade plutonium, which can be deadly in the wrong hands. However, you may be wandering around space, trying to figure out what to do next.

When you first accept the mission from the Enclave’s security person Jora, you may be confused about where to go. The marker gives you a vague location point, and the game hasn’t taught you how to use the UI. Look around the area until you find a streak of blue light that starts beneath the outpost. Go over the rocky caverns with the blue light. This will lead you to the thief.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Jora warns you not to shoot the ship as it carries hazardous material. Violence isn’t always the way. Keep chasing the thief’s red marker until the distance is minimal. Make sure you are boosting with the L2 button (or LT on Xbox) until the distance is nominal. When that occurs, the woman will start talking to you. This is more complicated than it initially seemed when she explains her situation.

Nara will negotiate with Sivid, the thief, and deescalate the situation. Once that’s settled, go back to the security person Jora to get a Hull Fragment and 200 credits. This side mission is now complete.