How to brake and dive in The Falconeer

Come to a stop to grab some gear.

How to brake and dive in The Falconeer

Braking and diving are key maneuvers in The Falconeer. Diving is handy for picking items up from the water, such as lost goods and mines, while braking can also help you during combat scenarios.

To brake in The Falconeer, tap the left trigger on your Xbox One controller. This brings your falcon to a complete stop for a second, which will allow you to quickly assess your options in battle. It is also useful in bringing your falcon to a halt if you think you are about to overshoot a water-bound object or a perch to land on.

Diving into the water requires you to brake too. Tap the left trigger again and, as your falcon rears up to stop itself from gliding, press forward on the left thumbstick. Your falcon will dive headfirst into the ocean below and pick up the item that you have spotted. Your falcon will carry the item in its talons until you reach a destination, and you can receive splinters from any items you find. You can read our splinters guide for more information on how they work.

Bear in mind that your falcon will move slower if it is carrying an item. Carrying an item stops you from performing other aerial maneuvers, such as dashing and rolling, and makes you more suspectible to enemy fire as a result. Don’t worry if an enemy causes your falcon to drop its cargo, either. You can always pick it up again once you have dealt with any foes.