How to break an enemy’s shield in Century: Age of Ashes

Take their protection out.


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Century: Age of Ashes is filled with mechanics that you might not be aware of. While you should know that you can pick shields up from the powerup points on each map, you may not understand how to break an enemy’s shield. This guide explains how to break an enemy’s shield so you know the nuances of high-level combat in the game.

Charge and relentlessly attack

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When you or an enemy picks up a shield, it will be added to your health bar. This means that when you attack an enemy, you’ll need to work through their shield before you deal any damage to their health. You can’t see this in the health indicator while you attack, but once the shield has been broken, you’ll start dealing damage to their health. Items like the Drakepiercer ignore shields, so you’ll break an enemy’s shield and kill them instantly if you hit them with it.

Therefore, to break an enemy’s shield, you need to attack them enough to cause their shield to deplete. There’s no noticeable indicator to tell you that you’ve broken the shield, but you’ll know that you have once you start dealing damage to the enemy’s green health bar. The same applies to you, so keep an eye on your shield levels if you want to protect your health.