How to use the Drakepiercer in Century: Age of Ashes

The dragon’s golden gun.


Image via Playwing

Century: Age of Ashes has several games modes for you to master, all of which have very different mechanics. Carnage is the most similar mode to deathmatch in most multiplayer games, but it has many unique twists. Among those twists is the Drakepiercer, a powerup, like a Vault Breacher, that gives you a one-shot-kill weapon if you know how to use it. This guide explains how to use the Drakepiercer, so you never miss a hit. 

Grab it, aim, and fire

Screenshot by Gamepur

While playing a match of Carnage, you’ll eventually see a notification on-screen telling you that the Drakepiercer has appeared. When you see the notification, you need to fly to the center of the map as fast as possible and pick the Drakpiercer up from where it sits, shining like a golden beacon on top of a rock. You’ll be told to target an enemy and use it as soon as you have it.

To use the Drakepiercer, you need to trigger it. Check the bottom-right of the screen to see how to do this. On an Xbox controller, you need to press the right shoulder button. Then, once you’ve targeted an enemy, which is complete when a red circle appears around them, press the fireball button to throw it. If the Drakepiercer hits, it will kill the unlucky dragon in one hit. There are only two or three Drakepiercer spawns per match, so make them count.