How to break cracked stone walls in Tower of Fantasy

Bring that wall down!

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Tower of Fantasy has a very large world for you to explore, but you will undoubtedly notice some roadblocks along the way. If you are a fan of games like The Legend of Zelda, you might see a cracked wall and think there has to be a way to get through that. Well, luckily for you there is — you will just need something other than a bomb bag. All you need to do is get a Relic to knock it all down. Here is how to break through cracked stone walls in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to destroy cracked rock walls in Tower of Fantasy

To destroy large walls of stone in Tower of Fantasy, you are going to need something more than the basic weapons you typically carry with you into battle. Luckily, you get what you need during your main story quest progression, so there is no going out of your way to getting it done.

When you do Ruins A-01, you will unlock the Relic Missile Barrage. At this point, you will also get a short tutorial showing you how to make use of it. Once you have completed the mission, you are free to use Missile Barrage at any time. You just need to equip the Relic and direct it towards a cracked rock. As you unlock more Relics, you will have to do a bit of rotating between them, but the process is as simple as a couple of button presses.

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As of this writing, Missile Barrage is the only known Relic that destroys cracked stone. There are various rewards you can find hidden behind these destructible walls, including chests with currencies and other goodies inside. Because of that, destroying all stone walls you come across is worth the short-time investment.