How to reveal additional map areas in Tower of Fantasy

Know where you’re going.

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It is a common trend to have to reveal the map as you go along in open-world games. It makes sense. After all, you won’t know the location of everything right away. Because of this, it is no surprise that you start in the Tower of Fantasy without knowing anything about your surroundings. Tower of Fantasy map is completely covered, and you need to figure out where everything is on your own. Luckily, there is a way to reveal the map of each region, and it is simple.

Tower of Fantasy map areas — unlock additional areas

The map of Astra becomes available to you during the first chapter of the game. In chapter one, you will be tasked with going to the Omnium Tower and talking to the Scrapper bot at the top of it. Doing this will reveal the map of Astra and all the points of interest, allowing you to mark areas on your map to track them down.

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After you complete chapter one, you will end up going to the Banges region. This area connects to the rest of the regions in the game that you will visit as you progress through the story. Each of these regions has an Omnium Tower that needs to be deactivated. Unfortunately, going to these towers doesn’t deactivate them, and you will need to do a little more.

Going to these towers and talking to the robot at the top of them will reveal everything in the region you are in. You can reach the top of the towers by riding one of the lifts that are in front of them. There is a total of five Omnium Towers that you will visit as you go through the campaign.