How to breed Horses in Minecraft

Make a happy horse family.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft
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The creatures you encounter in Minecraft come with a variety of uses. Many make good farm animals, and adding them to your base is a worthwhile experience, such as horses. These helpful animals can take you across the map at amazing speeds. If you acquire multiple horses, there’s a good chance you can breed them and make a baby horse. Here’s what you need to know about how to breed horses in Minecraft.

How taming and breeding a horse works in Minecraft

Before having horses breed and make a foal, you need to make sure you have two tamed horses. You can tame a horse by attempting to mount an adult multiple times. You can do this when trying to approach it with an empty hand, and interact with the animal, mounting it. When you mount the animal, there’s a good chance the horse will knock you off its back. However, each time you’re knocked off the horse’s back, you’re one step closer to taming it, and each time you get on the horse, you’re going to ride it longer.

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When you finally tame the horse, the next step is to ensure you have two of them both tamed. Bring the tamed horses back to your base, and you can give them one of two items to have them breed together. You can provide them with a Golden Carrot or a Golden Apple. These are rare items that have a chance to appear inside chests at altars, underwater ruins, dungeons, igloos, desert temples, mineshafts, or inside woodland mansions.

Both horses need to be fed the Golden Apple or Golden Carrot to each other. Eventually, these two will breed, and they’ll have a baby horse together. The new foal will take time, but it will be tamed to you. After that, you will need to wait five minutes before the horses can breed together again.