Minecraft 1.20 will allow you to make decorative trees using a Fence post and Ancient Pottery

What other new designs can we make with these old pots?

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players are giving the 1.20 update an early try with the latest Snapshot update, and have found a new way to add decorative trees to their home base. With the use of the new Ancient Pottery, a Fence post, and any kind of Lead block, you can create what looks like a miniature tree. Of course, this is only for decorative purposes, but users on Minecraft Reddit are exchanging ideas of how else you can use the new pottery for different purposes.

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When considering ways to innovate on this build, some users have recommended things like replacing the Lead block with a Froglight to make a tall nightlight. Others have suggested this could be a unique way to build street lanterns.

Ancient Pottery is crafted by collecting the new Pottery Shards in the archeology portion of the upcoming update. You can get a Brush tool and travel to a desert biome and look for the new Suspicious Sand block. Brushing this away can reveal a shard or Sniffer egg, a new ancient mob that will find extinct plants to further decorate your area. We expect there to be more than that available in Suspicious Sand when the update is fully out, or it will be expanded on in future updates.

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If you are interested in playing with the new Ancient Pottery to see what can be done with it, you can install the latest Snapshot on Minecraft: Java Edition or enable beta/preview builds on Bedrock. Keep in mind that the full functionality of these features is not implemented, but you can start playing around and see what interesting designs you can come up with.