How to build a silo in Stardew Valley

Feed your animals.

The structures you create on your farm in Stardew Valley take up a bit of space, and require a lot of resources, but they make your life endlessly easier when working on your farm. For those who constantly worry about how much hay your animals have, you can remove this worry and create a silo. It’s a large tower-like structure that holds up to 240 hay inside of it. To help manage and feed the farm animals you add to your area, it’s a great item to construct.

You can make it by speaking to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. She’ll require 100 gold pieces from you, 100 stone, 10 clay, and five copper bars. The silo takes up a three by three space on your land, so you need to make sure you have a location set up before requesting the structure. You only need the one silo structure to manage all of the animals you care for properly, and if it doesn’t have any room for more hay, you can collect your extra in a chest. The hay easily stacks up and fills only a single slot, and when you need more you can toss it into your silo without taking up any extra space in your inventory.

While you have a silo on your farm, any grass you cut using a scythe has a 50% chance to drop hay, and it automatically goes to the structure. This won’t count if you use a sword, pickaxe, or any other item to cut the grass down. It only works with a scythe.

Whenever you go to feed your animals, the hay dispenser should have a small pile of hay that you can grab and distribute to the nearby feeder.