How to build curved walls in The Sims 4

Create unusually shaped houses and rooms in The Sims 4’s house builder.

Image via The Sims 4 YouTube

One of The Sims’ most in-depth mechanics is its house builder, where you can build your ideal dream home from floor plan to furniture. While houses in previous installments were rather rigid in the shape and structure of their buildings, The Sims 4 allows you to incorporate curved walls of different shapes and sizes into your builds. Included in the build catalog, the means of doing so are actually quite easy.

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How to build prefabricated curved walls in The Sims 4

Image via The Sims 4 YouTube

Curved walls are found in the “walls” section of the build catalog. This section can be opened by clicking the lower portion of the front wall of the house at the bottom left, by the front door and the porch.

Preset walls come in two distinct varieties. One type produces traditionally straight walls of varying lengths, albeit with curved corners. The other creates a prefabricated quarter-circular room, with two entirely straight walls meeting a fully curved one.

If four of the quarter-circular designs are placed next to each other in a square, with each of the curved walls facing outward, you can delete the interior walls to create a perfectly circular room. This circle can be expanded upward onto multiple floors to create a traditional tower.

How to build custom curved walls in The Sims 4

Curved walls come in segmented pieces of different shapes, as well. Aligning four or more of the same shape will create a consistently curved custom wall. These pieces are also included in the “walls” section of the build catalog.

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The shape and structure of curved walls make them particularly difficult to place decorations or other structures on. For example, only certain windows and doors will work on a curved wall, and those that are incompatible with its shape will be grayed out in the build catalog.