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How to build the Crane Lift in My Time at Sandrock

Your first major construction project in Sandrock.

The Crane Lift is a construction project you need to complete for Rocky and the many other miners working out Sandrock. The original crane has been broken for several works, and it’s time for you to gather up the proper resources and create a new one. In this guide, we share how to build a Crane Lift in My Time at Sandrock.

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How to build the Crane Lift

You need five core resources to construct the Crane Lift: Five Copper Sticks, Four Bearings, Six Thick Rope, Five Wooden Sticks, and Eight Bricks.

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You want to focus on constructing the Thick Rope and Wooden Sticks, first. You can do both of these activities at your Worktable. You need to gather up 24 Plant Fibers to make the six Thick Rope and 15 pieces of Wood for the Wooden Sticks. You can gather both these up by chopping down the Sand Flowers, Sand Grass, Yakthorn, and any other small bushes you find near your home. Before you can make Thick Rope, you will need to pick up the Recipe from the Commerce Guild Store for 16 Gols.

Next, you need 32 Stone to create eight Bricks. These cannot be constructed at your Worktable. Instead, you need to make a Furnace, which you can create at your Assembly Station. We recommend doing this before working on your Crane Lift. After you’ve done that, you can collect the necessary stone from the Gravel resource nodes, and then put them in your Furnace to create the Bricks. One Brick takes five minutes to complete.

The final two items, the Copper Sticks and Bearings, are only available by searching through the salvage yard of the Eufaula Salvage location, to the southwest of your Workshop location. Head there, and harvest any of the junk piles you find using your Pickhammer. You’ll collect Copper Scraps and Mechanical Scrap, which have a chance to become Copper Sticks and Bearings when you place them into your recycler.

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Once you have all of the available items, return to your Assembly Area and select the Crane Lift project. You can put them all together to create the item, and complete the first major construction project for Sandrock.

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