How to build the Furnace in My Time at Sandrock

It’s hot, even for the desert.

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The Furnace is a valuable item to add to your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock. You’ll need it to create specific items for your crafting projects as you progress through My Time at Sandrock, building more accessories and working on construction projects for the time. In this guide, we will cover how to build the Furnace in My Time at Sandrock.

How to build the Furnace

You can begin working on the Furnace at your assembly station. You’ll need several materials to bring it to life when you start working on it. You need two Stone Troughs, Four Quarts, and two Wooden Sticks.

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Of the three items, you have likely created several Stone Troughs before. You can make these at your Worktable at your Workshop. You need six Stone to create one Stone Trough, which means you’ll need 12 Stone to make two of them. You can acquire Stone by breaking down any nearby Gravel resource nodes you can find.

Next, you need two Wooden Sticks. Like a Stone Trough, you can craft them at your Worktable by finding three pieces of Wood. You need six pieces of Wood to make two Wooden Sticks. You can find wood by breaking down any Sand Flower resource nodes using your Stone Axe.

The last item, Quartz, is a resource you can find when collecting Gravel. Whenever you destroy a Gravel node, there’s a chance for Quartz to drop. You might find a few of them while collecting Stone for the Stone Troughs you’re making. You will need four Quartz to complete the project.

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After you have all of the items you need, bring them to the Assembly Station to create your Furnace. You can place the Furnace down anywhere inside of your workshop to begin using it, giving you access to more construction projects while at Sandrock.